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Till Behrend
Mobile: 0151 42 31 77 21

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For the success of a high-performance athlete there’s always a team in the background. A big team, #OlympiaTeamHaftom, has trainers and much more.

Till Behrend -> Behrend Kommunikation

Till is in charge of media and marketing.

Susanne Carstensen-Franke

Susanne intensively supported Haftom’s journey to German citizenship. Today, she supports the family in all matters related to governement offices and agencies, as well as in many everyday matters such as kindergarten, school, language courses …

Lars Utermark – Alternative Medicine Practitioner / Physiotherapist

Lars is an alternative medicine practitioner and physiotherapist. He treats Haftom in his Hamburg practice and coordinates medical care.

Karsten Hollander

Karsten is a professor of sports medicine at the Medical School Hamburg and also looks after the German middle and long-distance runners as the DLV’s head team doctor. Among other things, he supports Haftom in performance diagnostics and movement analysis.

Alan Orpin – Photographer

Our official team photographer. He is always close to the action and catches amazing, high-quality images.

Tax Consultant -> Christian Hartwig

Amy Bradley -> Caffeinated Creations 

Amy designed Haftom’s website. She is constantly developing it further.